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At Renaissance, our aim is to find safe and secure housing for the men, women and families we serve, and to provide them with the services they’ll need to lead lives of health, dignity and stability. We prevent homelessness among those who are at risk, and help build stronger communities by fostering residential stability and supporting those we serve.




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Renaissance Social Services established the Housing Stability Program (HSP) in order to provide affordable housing and onsite individualized case management services to:

homeless and disabled families and individuals

chronically homeless individuals, and

individuals and families at imminent risk of becoming homeless

Renaissance places singles and families into properties where social services staff have an onsite office to provide support that will foster greater autonomy.  Currently, Renaissance serves individuals at four RRG, Inc. and one location managed by Holsten Management. RRG locations include: Renaissance North, Renaissance West, Lyndale Place, and Renaissance Wicker Park; all located in the city’s North and North West sides. RSSI recently acquired from Northwestern Hospital its operations at Carter House and Union House in Chicago’s Near North Side, within a building operated by Holsten Management. Our staff provides supportive services to men and women struggling with homelessness, disabilities and poverty.



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The Supportive Housing Outreach Team program (SHOT) works with chronically homeless individuals who struggle with substance use disorder and mental illness.

As one of seven recipients in the United States to be awarded a five-year Services in Supportive Housing grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Renaissance launched the SHOT program in 2010 to provide housing and supportive services to 150 chronically homeless individuals. Additionally, RSSI received an award from the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness to provide rental support for our SHOT program clients. These men and women are placed in apartments and studios throughout the city and receive on-site case management support from our staff, in addition to health screenings from our staff psychiatric nurse.



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Renaissance works to avert homelessness among those in crisis.  This is done primarily through our participation in the Emergency Fund which enables us to provide short-term assistance with financial hardships to any person in the community.  For more information on prevention funds, please contact Clinical Case Manager, Ben Van Aucken, LCPC, CRC at (773) 645-8900 ext.119.  Please note that requests for assistance are generally processed at the beginning of each month and an individual may qualify for assistance no more than once per year.

In addition to prevention funds, Renaissance also provides prevention housing to low-income seniors who are 55 or older, are living with a disability and are at risk for homelessness.  Currently its senior housing program is based at RRG’s Kilpatrick Renaissance location on Chicago’s North West Side.





Renaissance provides all the men and women it serves with clinical case management to better allow them to maintain their newfound housing, manage their health and get ahead.  Our team of licensed clinical case managers provide the following kinds of services to participants of RSSI’s programs:

  • MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: psychiatric assessment, counseling, medication assistance, symptom management skills, etc
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELING: peer support, therapeutic interventions, relapse prevention, harm reduction, etc.
  • HEALTH CARE SERVICES including nurse visits, medication assistance, symptom management and advocacy with community providers
  • EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE including skills assessment, resume building, linkage with employment training partners, post-employment support, etc.
  • HOUSING ASSISTANCE: including tenant counseling and rental and security deposit assistance
  • CASE MANAGEMENT services for attaining and managing benefits, linkage with dental and optical care, social support development, financial literacy and care coordination.



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The Life Skills Training Program provides training that teaches and encourages our clients and other members of our community to develop skills that will enhance their quality of life and lead to greater autonomy.  Examples include how to budget living expenses, navigate public transportation, shop for a healthy diet, cook, maintain personal cleanliness and other skills aimed at enhancing an individual’s wellbeing and health.

The Life Skills Training Program was created by analyzing the causes of homelessness and then developing training modules that would teach people the skills to address those causes on an ongoing basis. Training is provided in group settings for residents of our Housing Stability Program (HSP) or individually according to need for participants in the Supportive Housing Outreach Team program (SHOT).




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