Getting Systems to Work Together: How to Solve Big Problems that Impact Homelessness

I was doing some research this morning and came across a really interesting article about some new services for people who are homeless in Louisville, KY. As part of an annual one-stop service day for homeless veterans there – an event where multiple providers come together under one roof to try and serve, at the same time, the continuum of needs that people who are homeless face – the local court came out. A judge held court, at the event, for veterans who were homeless and had bench warrants and fines. Most were reduced or waived. Now, this might sound small, but it’s really not. Bench warrants and outstanding fines can keep someone who is homeless from getting a job or renting an apartm

Welcome to Renaissance's Blog! Come on In!

Welcome to Renaissance's new Blog! Exciting, right? Well, we're gonna try and make it an interesting place to learn more about homelessness here in Chicago, about how it affects people's lives, and about how Renaissance is leading our city in the fight to end homelessness. And we'll share ways that you can get involved! In addition to informing, I hope to have this space be one of ideas, support, and love for those we serve and those who serve. Homelessness is cold, frightening, lonely, and traumatic. The fight against homelessness should be the very opposite of those things, and this Blog will try and be that! Thanks for dropping by! Talk to you again soon. And always be sure to join th

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