Homeless Veterans: Finding Housing Stability through Permanent Supportive Housing

Veteran homelessness is unacceptable. The idea that there are literally tens of thousands of veterans around this country who have sacrificed – body and mind – for this country only to end up living on the streets and in shelters is appalling. It dishonors their service. But there is hope, as the number of homeless veterans has dropped over 48% since 2008. How did that number drop so greatly? What works? At the core of this success was the commitment by HUD, SAMHSA, the Veterans Administration, other federal and local agencies - and the nonprofit providers that give services to the homeless – to focus efforts on housing models that have a proven track record of successfully housing homele

April is National Volunteer Month!

April is National Volunteer Month. So it seems like a perfect time to introduce myself. I’m Fidel Williams and I am the Community Engagement and Volunteer Services Manager for Renaissance Social Services, Inc. I’m also a three-term AmeriCorps Alumni, where I’ve completed over 4200 hours of volunteer service to communities all over Chicago. "Thank you. No one has ever told me that before." These were the words of a 3rd grader I tutored after I told him that he was smart. His words to this day are the reason I continue to volunteer for various causes. To me, I couldn’t understand why a child wasn’t told daily that he was smart. I had to quickly accept that, for this child, it was my responsibi

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