Race & Equity at Renaissance Social Services

Is race a predictor of success in Supportive Housing? Renaissance has been focusing on racial equity within our programs and at the organization as a whole over the past year. This focus was ignited by the SPARC Phase One Study Findings published in 2018. We wanted to answer the question about whether African-American participants fared as well as other racial groups in housing outcomes. To find these answers we pulled data from all of the people served by Renaissance Social Services housing programs from 2010-2018. The number of people served during this period was 458. The primary focus of the analysis was on the people who exited the program, 153 people. The University of Chicago’s Urban

Renaissance Social Services' response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Dear Friends and Supporters, I want to take this opportunity to share with your all that Renaissance is doing to keep our participants and staff safe, and meet the needs of Chicago's homeless during this crisis. Because Renaissance provides mental health services, case management, and emergency funds to some of Chicago’s most vulnerable people, we are staying open and fighting to ensure that everyone in our programs has the information, food, medicine, and supplies necessary to manage. Last week we started an initiative to conduct a brief assessment from the Illinois Department of Human Services and Illinois Department of Public Health of every person who comes into contact with our orga

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