Renaissance is so very grateful to Koval Distillery for its much-needed donation of hand sanitizer to our agency! We will use this for our participants to help them stay healthy!

Koval Distillery makes whiskey, liqueurs, and speciality spirits, and has re-tooled their manufacturing capacity to make hand sanitizer for Chicagoans in need during this crisis. OUTSTANDING!!!

Renaissance staff continue to make packages of food, supplies, and even medicines for our participants, purchased with donations from our wonderful community of supporters! You're making a real difference in the lives of other Chicagoans!

Erica checks on folx in a viaduct encampment.  She provides them with information about COVID-19, and assesses them for symptoms with disposable thermometers and a pulse ox.

She distributes water, hygiene supplies, socks, food, wound care and safer use supplies.  Trust takes a long time to build with folx who have been rejected by most.  erica has known this individual for 3 years.  He reports feeling more safe on the street than in a shelter. 

Erica talks to folx in an encampment near the highway.  She screens them for COVID-19, and distributes tangible goods including new shirts, and a sleeping bag.  This person has been unable to get a state ID due to the pandemic.  This has lead to them not being able to cash their benefit check.  They have been homeless in Chicago since 2017.  In a recent shelter stay they were mis-gendered and not allowed to come and go.  

These are masks made by Charlotte Blome (donated by Laura Cinat) and masks made by Hannah Allen.

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