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Our Approach to Ending Homeless Works!

RSSI uses a combination of research-proven strategies to reach individuals and families experiencing homelessness, connect them with housing and community resources, and make sure that they can stay in their homes and thrive.

We use the Permanent Supportive Housing model, which combines housing with mental and physical health services.   This model allows us to help clients take care of their most pressing need first--housing-- and then work with them to identify other concerns, such as chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, or mental health issues.  


We engage our participants using two approaches shown to be effective with people who are chronically homeless:

1) We apply a trauma-informed care when working with people who have experienced homelessness.

2) We active employ a harm reduction philosophy as we work with our participants as the navigate the process of finding and staying in housing, learning to address their mental and physical health issues, and become a part of their local communities again.

Interested in learning more?  Click here for a resources and research about these models and approaches.

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