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Summer 2019 Impact! continued

The Buzz...(cont'd.)

And finally, summer is here! We all thought that the “spring” (or what passes for spring in Chicago) was going to stay forever. And now that summer is here, what does that mean for people who are homeless? When it’s below zero, we all understand that is deadly for people living on the street. But we don’t think of summer as being a threat to homeless people. But it is.

Heat stroke, dehydration, sunburn are threats to the health – and even lives – of homeless people. Moreover, in the summer, homeless people are hassled more by the police. The city doesn’t want them in the parks now that other people are using the parks, so they get “swept”, losing what few possession they have and being pressed into ever more dangerous places to rest and sleep. For many of us, summer is a season of light, fun, and time off. But there is no time off from being homeless.

Associate Board Fundraiser at Zanies (cont'd)

The Associate Board held its annual fundraiser at Zanies Chicago in June. And it was a blast! Jared Logan was the headliner and he was hilarious! Zanies was packed and we were able to educate new people about Renaissance and our work to end homelessness while raising money that will support or efforts to expand our services to reach more people in need.

Thank you Zanies Chicago, and thank you Associate Board!

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