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2020 Service Statistics

Renaissance Social Services had a truly impactful year for homeless people, people at risk of homelessness, and for the community as a whole. Take a look:

Total number of people served by Renaissance: 2,214 (That's almost DOUBLE the amount of people we served in 2019 and the most the agency has ever served in one year, for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW!) Total number of people served in Permanent Supportive Housing: 296 adults and 112 children Total number of households served through Homeless Prevention services: 1,588 95% of participants remained stably housed for at least 12 months 99% of participants avoided evictions

96% of participants made progress on at least one goal 90% of participants received regular healthcare 100% of children were linked to primary care 51% of participants decreased problematic substance use 62% of participants achieved behavioral health stability 95% of participants avoided unnecessary psychiatric admissions Only 13 participants contracted COVID-19, with all 13 fully recovering. This is a far lower rate of infection than in the general population and testament to the work of our Case Managers to keep participants safe! At Renaissance, in 2020, every $1 donated towards: Permanent Supportive Housing returned $1.33 in positive financial impact to the community Family Supportive Housing Program returned $1.64 in positive financial impact to the community Homeless Prevention Program returned $1.47 in positive financial impact to the community

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