What We Do

At Renaissance, our aim is to prevent homelessness among those who are at risk and help build stronger communities by fostering residential stability. We find safe and secure housing, linked with supportive services, to help our clients build self-sufficiency and lead healthier lives.

Preventing Homelessness

Renaissance prevents homelessness in Chicago by providing short term, emergency funds to people at risk of losing their homes.  We provide payment vouchers for urgent  financial hardships, such as car repairs or unexpected medical bills, which could result in missed rent payments and end in homelessness.

Supportive Housing

Renaissance Social Services partners with landlords across Chicago to provide safe and affordable housing for its participants. Along with housing, participants receive a range of supportive services to help them stabilize and move towards the greatest degree of autonomy possible.

Support for Participants

Renaissance maintains ongoing relationships with participants to ensure they are able to stay in their homes. This includes helping them set up doctor's appointments, managing public transportation, seeking mental health and/or substance use assistance, and learning how to maintain their homes (including paying rent, cooking, cleaning, and managing conflicts).

Street Outreach

As a partner in the City of Chicago's Flexible Housing Pool (FHP), Renaissance conducts Street Outreach to engage with chronically homeless individuals and families targeted for housing by the FHP. Street Outreach staff build trust with those on the street and in shelters and assist them in getting enrolled in the FHP and into housing.

On-Site Services for Affordable Housing Developers

Renaissance has almost 25 years of experience in the provision of on-site case management and supportive services to residents in affordable housing developments. Renaissance has


• Expertise in serving the housing needs of homeless individuals and families

• Expertise in delivering Housing First, Harm Reduction, and Low Barrier housing

• Expertise in behavioral health and stabilization services

• Expertise in providing services to IDHA funded developments

• Expertise in serving Re-Entry populations


Renaissance works with multiple developers across Chicago delivering these support services to assure tenant stability and community integration for underserved populations living in affordable housing developments. If you would like to learn more about how Renaissance can partner with you to help you get your development funded and to serve your housed residents, please contact Michael Banghart, Executive Director, at mbanghart@rssionline.org.

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