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Our Impact

Renaissance is a leader in Chicago’s response to homelessness, providing a range of proven solutions including prevention, outreach, rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, behavioral health care, and clinical case management. Renaissance’s team members work in collaboration with unhoused and vulnerable individuals and families to improve their housing stability, health outcomes, and quality of life.

Serving unhoused and housing insecure Chicagoans.

In 2023, Renaissance helped more than 3,600 individuals and families in Chicago.


households were provided resources to prevent eviction and homelessness


participants lived in the agency's permanent supportive housing, including 76 families


people living on the streets and in shelters were connected to housing, health care, and other needed services


individuals were rapidly re-housed,  including 82 families

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a measure of the extra financial impact that programming has on the community. It is calculated by adding together all the costs of programming and then comparing them to the financial return created by those programming costs. Any SROI value greater than 1 means that the program is returning more in financial gains that it takes in. 

Our Social Return on Investment (SROI)

  • Every $1 invested in our Permanent Supportive Housing program yields $1.27 in social savings.

  • Every $1 invested in our Family Support Program yields $1.90 in social savings, largely due to the added benefits of serving children.

  • Every $1 invested in our Homeless Prevention Program yields $1.46 in social savings, because preventing an eviction in the first place is much less costly and disruptive for families.

Supportive Housing


Family Support Program


Homeless Prevention Service


2022 Annual Report

of participants remained in housing for at least one year


of participants achieved at least one of their stabilization goals


of participants avoided hospitalizations


of participants avoided evictions


of participants were not incarcerated


of participants avoided psychiatric admissions


With support from Renaissance team members, our participants achieved transformational outcomes.

Participant Outcomes

2022 Audit

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